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Second doubles fight through tiebreaker to give Cyclones victory

Second doubles fight through tiebreaker to give Cyclones victory

It all came down to the second doubles. And they delivered. After a long and hot match, the Cyclones battled to a 5-4 victory over McHenry County College at home last night.

Again, the team had two automatic losses because of injured players, but that didn't stop this crew. Both Brooke Zielke (first singles) and Jasmine Abunaim (second singles) dominated again with identical scores of 6-1, 6-0. They both played very well at singles but shined at first doubles. They won 6-2, 6-0 against solid opponents. "It was fun to watch them step up their game. They had to play smart and adjust in order to secure the win. This match was a total leap in the right direction for the duo," said head Coach Breanna Vollan.

Serene Itani (third singles) battled against a tough opponent, ultimately losing 1-6, 2-6. Audrey Stocklen (fourth singles) lost a long, hard-fought match (3-6, 4-6) against a worthy opponent as well. They were very evenly matched and were at deuce time and time again. Mary Stocklen (fifth singles) played one of her best matches this season, winning 6-2, 6-1 thanks to her consistency, hard-work ethic and mental toughness.

The clinching match came down to second doubles when the overall match was tied at 4. Mary Stocklen and Itani battled through a super tiebreaker, ultimately earning the victory (6-1, 4-6, 10-6). "Despite losing the second set, they walked into the tiebreaker ready to fight. It was amazing to watch them battle together, coming together as partners and teammates. They kept reminding each other to be confident and mentally in it. It was a true example of the mental aspect of tennis and a great testament to how hard they have been working," Vollan said. "I am so proud of these two. I am at a loss for words that explain how greatly they upped their game yesterday."

This team continues to keep things exciting and battle through whatever is thrown their way. "We faced a worthy opponent, and each individual match was against an opponent on the same skill level," Vollan said. "Yesterday was a much needed win and a confidence boost for the team. They took the hot weather like champs and battled the entire way. It was great to see them step up to the plate and sharpen up mentally. What a great win to have at home!"